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Dog Chases Shadow Person Down Hall

And then it vanishes!
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Some say that dogs are capable of seeing or sensing the presence of supernatural entities. They have an inherent sixth sense that give them insight into the paranormal otherworld. They play with ghosts, bark at demons, and in some instances, chase shadow people down the hall. 


In the video, a dog is running at a humanoid shadow that seems to be lurking at the end of a long hall. As the dog runs toward the shadow, a light turns on and entity vanishes. The dog looks momentarily mystified. The person taking the video is similarly confused, checking the hallway and the room beyond to see what could possibly be going on.

So…what is going on? I admit when I first saw that video, I thought what we were seeing was a man in a green screen costume beckoning to the dog. The pup does not look remotely scared of whatever is calling to it in the hallway. When the light turns on and the entity vanishes, this is a common edit in green screen “ghost” videos, as is the “debunking proof” search of the premises.

Unfortunately, the video is pretty grainy, all the better to hide any artifacts of the edit. It would be nearly impossible to see what exactly this dog was going for, or the state of mind the animal was in after it vanished.

If this was a shadow person that the dog was used to in the house, however, it would explain why it does not seem particularly disturbed by what has just transpired.