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Dog Signals to Owner They’re Being Followed and Some Think It’s Something Only the Pup Can See

Dogs and kids are said to be able to see through the veil more...

This person was taking their dog for a night time stroll when the dog began growling and staring into the tree line. They got nervous and began recording the event with their camera phone.


The owner urges the dog forward but it continues to stop every couple of paces and growl back at an unseen point on the well lit path behind them. The dog then stops, ears twitching like they hear something, and turns around to lock onto a target. The dog stays very still like it is waiting to take off on the hunt. The owner urges it forward, but it stops for one last look behind them. The owner takes a final slow pan around the area the dog seems to keep staring at just in case it shows something later that wasn’t visible at the time.

Despite many commenters scanning the video for any signs of paranormal activity the only unexplained phenomenon outside of the dogs behavior is between the twenty and twenty-one second mark where there appears to be what could be glowing eyes.

It is a widespread belief among ghost hunters that animals can sense otherworldly apparitions better than people, which might explain this dogs reaction. It is also true that dogs can hear and smell better than humans so it may very well be something as innocent as a raccoon hiding in the dark of the tree line, and yet the dog seems to be staring at the walking path.