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Puppy Cam Catches Dog Being Pulled Across Floor By Invisible Force

Poor puppy!

People place cameras inside their homes for many reasons. Sometimes, it’s for security, or because they want to check in on their pets while they are away at work during the day. But often, what is caught on camera is not a would-be burglar or a dog getting into that bag of potato chips you left on the table. Sometimes, it’s something far more mysterious, as in this video.


In the video, a dog is playing on the carpet when all of a sudden it appears to be violently dragged across the floor. The video is…mysterious. It is without sound (other than the musical accompaniment added in afterward) and displayed in miniature, perhaps to hide any “tells” from the viewer. From a “debunking” perspective, it is odd that the dog is completely calm both before and after the event, chewing on a toy before and then later, appearing to calmly sniff the ground while standing.

Then there’s the whole question of “before” and “after”. Using computer software, we played the recording in reverse, as often, mysterious and “ghostly” videos are just ordinary movements played at strange speeds or sped up. It’s actually even creepier in reverse and still looks as if the dog is being yanked about by its midsection rather than moving in any natural way.

And none of these possibilities explain why the dog reacted so calmly to the scenario. Then again, this Tiktoker has posted several videos of strange things happening in the room where the dog is sitting. Perhaps the puppy already knows the ghost and is reacting as calmly as any well-trained dog might to a swift jerk on a leash.