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Dog Seems to Shape-Shift and Fly Away

Beam me up, Doggy.

A security camera caught what appears to be a perfectly normal dog up until it turns to look at the camera and then seems to morph into an orb and fly away into the sky. After the original clip is shown an edited version reverses the darks and whites to try and shed some light on what could have possibly happened. This shows a faint dot moving away from the camera as well as the brighter dot that seems to be the dog floating away. 

Some believe this manipulated image proves the dog was quickly dashing away from the camera and that coincidentally lined up with the appearance of a dust particle the camera picked up directly in front of the lens. But what was in the sky above the yard where the camera could not see? This footage also resembles accounts of alien abductions where people are beamed up onto an alien craft.

Orbs caught on camera are usually interpreted by paranormal enthusiasts as spirits of the deceased returning to visit their loved ones from beyond the grave, however those accounts do not typically show anything turning into an orb and disappearing entirely.

Skeptics are often frustrated by the lack of reasonable follow up on videos such as these where the footage could be searched to see when, where, and how the dog returned or if the pup disappeared permanently.

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