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DIY Witchy Flourite Moon Is Perfect for Quirky Homes

BRB Running to the craft store!

For anyone looking to add a little crystal power or lunar flair to their home’s decor, this easy do-it-yourself wreath takes little more than an hour and a quick trip to the craft store!


It couldn’t be easier. Simply grab a small wicker or straw wreath and cut it into a crescent shape. Then, with a your trusty hot glue gun, cover as desired with your choice of decorative mosses, flowers, ribbons, or other details. Finally, using string or wire, attach a small fluorite crystal to dangle from the top point of the crescent.


A fluorite moon wreath can be a beautiful and helpful talisman to have around your house. The crystal fluorite absorbs and stabilizes negative energy and can help clear and balance the mind. It’s a great stone to keep in your home office because it provides assistance in focusing mental energies and organizing thoughts. Are you stressed out at work, or having problems concentrating? Take a break for a little arts and crafts and make this moon wreath. A little break and a little crystal magic might get you right back into your flow state.

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Though you can make the wreath in any shape you want, the crescent moon not only adds to the cuteness factor, but might also assist in the witchy power. In addition to all the beneficial properties of the crystal, when fluorite is combined with the moon shape, it stimulates creativity and manifestation, especially for people drawing on their feminine energy. 

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