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Woman Convinced She Jumped Into A Parallel Dimension During a Car Crash

"Mommy Crash!"

“Losing time” is a poorly-understood phenomenon that many attribute to paranormal shenanigans like slipping through portals, crossing dimensions, or even being abducted by aliens. This woman is not sure what happened to her and her daughter during an evening drive home, but her daughter’s memory might be more intact. 


In the video, a woman describes driving home from work with her daughter in the backseat of the car. Suddenly, she felt a rush of adrenaline and then, inexplicably, was suddenly three miles away from where she had thought she was a moment earlier. From the backseat, her two-year-old daughter piped up the following: “Mommy! Crash!”

The woman begs her viewers for a clear explanation of what happened because as far as she is concerned, there was a glitch in the Matrix, or she jumped universes. In the comments section, viewers agree. “There was a crash, and the you in the other timeline died,” says one, which is pretty poor news for the unlucky version of herself. It doesn’t necessarily explain the missing three miles, though.

Another commenter has a more prosaic, but no less terrifying explanation. Tired from the day, the woman nodded off in the car and was about to crash but woke up just in time. The adrenaline rush was her coming to and jerking back control of the car, but she was still half asleep, so the experience didn’t make it into her memory since all her half-conscious mental faculties were focused on averting disaster. The missing three miles were the time she spent falling asleep, and her daughter was the only witness to what had occurred.

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Well, that’s scary, too. One can only hope that if it wasn’t aliens, it was at least a guardian angel watching over mother and child in that moment. Drive safe, folks. 

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