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Diana Logan


News Writer, Exemplore

Diana Logan has been writing about the weird, the esoteric, and the paranormal for nearly twenty years. Her work has been published in books, journals, and scholarly articles, and translated into over a dozen languages. She has appeared on the Sundance Channel's program Love/Lust as a pop culture pundit and wrote her graduate thesis on a magical disappearing city in the mountains of Tibet.


Diana’s areas of expertise encompasses:

  • Historical takes on the occult.
  • 20th century conspiracy theories, about which she has written several books.
  • Medieval bestiaries, about which she’s written several more. 
  • She has also written about ancient mythology, outer space and the work to get there, folklore, and the scientific explanation behind many natural wonders. 
  • As a science journalist since 2001, she can tell you the difference between a lenticular cloud and a UFO. 


Diana received a B.A. in Geology, which she never thought would be useful when it came to writing about conspiracies, UFOs, and Bigfoot, but here we are. She's here to tell you that the ancient Egyptians did indeed build the pyramids, the Earth is not flat, and a lot of animals make weird noises in the woods. 


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