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Video of Diamond Shaped UFO In Sky Has People Baffled

A craft? A portal? An angel from heaven?

One of the challenges with getting decent video of UFOs is that they appear and disappear extremely quickly. Also, we don’t all necessarily have high-powered cameras lying around, or are much better at doing more than pointing and shooting. Thus, many UFO videos are of low quality, taken at night or by zooming in with our smartphones. Is it any wonder that people are so quick to debunk videos of UFO encounters, even when people do manage to take them?

This video is not an especially high quality, and it’s made more complex by the fact that it’s not the shape we expect to see.


The government has noted “tic tac” shaped UFOS. People commonly report seeing “orbs.” Black triangles are among the MVPs of the UFO world. And of course, there’s the classic flying saucers.

But diamonds? That’s a new one. Is it a new form of ship? And if so, what exactly is it? Two triangles joined up or something else altogether?

This particular video was taken in Wellington, Colorado, which is a popular spot for UFO sighting. Here’s a report from April. And another one from two weeks ago.

Skeptics say these sightings are nothing more than optical illusions in the sky, that perhaps the”diamond” shape is our brains filling in the details from a distance when what we really see is a plane with wings outstretched. That October sighting in Wellington sure does look like a couple of jet trails.

I guess there’s nothing for it than for us all to get better zooms on our camera lenses. 

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