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English Couple Records Strange Creature Skulking in Park in Derbyshire

What is that thing?
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The British Isles is home to its fair share of ghoulies and cryptids. Most famous, of course, is Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster, a lake-dwelling beast similar to a marine dinosaur. But no less interesting is the widespread if varied beliefs in a sinister, ghostly black dog. The legend takes many forms throughout England, and was even given a loving homage in the third Harry Potter book with the children’s fear over the giant black dog who turned out to be the shapeshifting wizard fugitive, Sirius Black (of note: his schoolyard code name, “Padfoot” is a folk name for the legendary English cryptid.)

In northern England, this beast is known as the “Barghest” and roams lonely alleys and roadways, devouring unsuspecting victims. And it may just have been caught on video in a park in Derbyshire.

Derbyshire, a county of England just south of York, is probably best known to Americans as the ancestral home of Jane Austen’s most famous hero, Mr. Darcy. And in one picturesque park in this English county, a strange, ghostly creature seems to be lurking.

The video is taken at night, and an odd, translucent being stalks across the screen. Is it really nothing more than a puff of mist on a cold, wet night? Or can you make out a hulking form, a couple of legs, even a head?

The Barghest is widely believed to be a portent of death and doom for whoever encounters it. Does that only count for the person who originally saw this monster, or all of us, for watching the recording? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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