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Video Claims to Show UFO Deploying Other Crafts In Real Time

Why are they just hanging out there?

The simple definition of a UFO is “unidentified flying object.” It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an alien craft, or even something that is unfathomable to humanity at large. Sometimes, what is unidentified is in the eye of the beholder.

Orb UFOs are a commonly-seen type, that appear like giant glowing lights in the sky. Often, people who report these types of UFOs say they move at tremendous speeds or with unexplainable dips, dives, and changes indirection, position, and trajectory that seem to defy the laws of physics.

But that does not mean that every floating light in the sky is a UFO.


In this video, a woman films a series of orange lights in the sky. Some of them seem to be elating softly downward and one appears be ejecting a stream of other explosives, that trail down much more quickly.

So what is this?

Despite the appearance and disappearance of several “orange orbs,” these lights do not exhibit any other of the “five observable” traits of known-unknown UFOs. In other words, they just float in the air. The video itself is very distant, and it’s possible that rather than filming UFOs, what she is actually seeing is falling flares, perhaps launched by skydivers or flares of parachutes to count for the ones falling more slowly, appearing (“splitting”) when they ignite and then disappearing (“recombining”) when they burn out.

Occasionally, during military exercises, airplanes will drop powerful flares on parachutes. Since these flares have a brightness of about one million candlepower, they can be seen from a great distance and float in the air as if they are orbs.