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This Denver Rooftop Bar Was a Historic Mortuary

Now it's an "eatuary."
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Once upon a time, this building was home to Denver’s largest mortuary, called Olinger's. In its heyday, the company processed over half the deaths in Denver. Famous corpses have passed through these doors. But now, it’s a hip night spot, bar, and “eatuary” that leans all the way in to its spooky origins


Among the most famous of Olinger’s deceased guests was the body of Buffalo Bill Cody, whose remains once remained in the building for six whole months while several states duked it out over who would get to bury him. (He is buried in Colorado.)

The Linger Eatuary has not changed much since renovating this historic Denver building into a bar and restaurant. For instance, the giant “Olinger’s Mortuaries” sign on the roof? That’s still there. The only difference is that now the O no longer lights up, and when the neon lights are blazing, the “o” and “r” in mortuary are changed to an “e” and “a”. Other spooky touches include water served in old formaldehyde bottles, coffin-shaped menus, and specialty drinks like Corpse Reviver #2. There’s spooky art on the wall and the hostess stand is made out of an old church pew.

But most of the bar is given over to a funky, hipster air, such as a camper van on the roof serving as the patio bar, and former garage doors used to let hearses in now being opened wide for airflow.

This stylish, always-packed restaurant specializes in small plates, and boasts some of the best sunsets in Denver, thanks to it spacious and picturesque rooftop bar. Its nods to the past are appreciated, though, both by the spooky set and Denver historians.