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This Dirt Road in Texas is Super Haunted

Find out why.

“In Huntsville Texas,” the narrator intones, “there is a remote dirt road that leads to a cemetery that has had so much paranormal activity, that many call it Demon’s Road.” So begins this tour of a supposedly haunted road in the middle of nowhere, Texas, as well as the ghost town it leads to.

The stories that follow are not for the faint of heart, and lead me to wonder why it is that anyone wants to drive down this cursed road to nowhere.


In this video, TikTok spooky tour guide @theparanormalprincess tells the story of so-called Demon’s Road. Once home to a church, schoolhouse, and campground, the land was called “Robinson’s settlement.” Today, only a graveyard remains.

People claim to have had all kinds of terrifying experiences on this land and road. One common story tells of a boy on a tricycle with glowing red eyes. Others say they have been chased by shadow people,or red, floating orbs in the cemetery. They say he land is cursed.

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In the comments, locals chime in with their own stories that might keep you up all night. “Lived in Huntsville for three years,” says one. “I went to that cemetery twice. Second time I lost three hours of time and had night terrors for a week after. Never went back.”

Others claim that the negative energy in the area is due to the town of Hunstville being the location of the infamous Texas State Prison. The whole district has bad vibes. 

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