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Man Swears He Saw ‘Demon’ In North Carolina and People Are Warning Him to Forget About It

You didn’t see anything...

Once, long ago, I saw something strange on a backcountry road in Virginia. When I asked friends about it, they gave me the same advice people are giving this poor fellow. Heed the warning, my guy.


In the video, a young man named Kaleb Tutt reports that he and his family were driving down the road in North Carolina when they all three saw a massive gray creature, at once stony and slimy, with hollow eyes. It was bent forward with its hands on its knees and looking right at them, close enough to touch. He also reported it was as big as the car itself.

What was it, the young man wanted to know.

The internet was pretty unanimous: no, you do not want to know what that thing was. Keep driving, don’t talk about it, don’t worry about it. You didn’t see anything.

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This is very good advice, as many of the haunted creatures from that part of the world are said to be drawn to those who call it by name. Some brave souls specified that it might be a haint, and…wait a second, did anyone else have the hair on the back of their necks stand up when they read that word? I certainly did when I typed it.

Fortunately, Kaleb posted a follow up video, in which he happily insists that he saw nothing, knows nothing, and everything is just fine now. And that’s pretty lucky, for Kaleb. I don’t know about the rest of us. 

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