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Texas Ghost Hunters Convinced They Caught a Demon in a Mirror

What do you see?

Some people in the magical or spiritual community believe that all mirrors are “haunted”, that they are portals into another realm, and , if not carefully guarded and watched over, are subject to becoming a window into our world to whatever spirit, good or evil, manages to take charge of the space. According to these beliefs, mirrors are simply portals to another realm, and unless they are properly sealed and protected, there may be something looking out at you other than your own reflection.

These paranormal investigators in Texas believe they have found one such possessed mirror. Take a look—if you dare.


“We were called out to a home in San Antonio, Texas for a possible haunted mirror that has something horrible attached to it!” reads the caption on these ghost hunters’ TikTok video. Unfortunately, the caption covers most of the screen, making it tough to see the evil mirror in question. “Can you do a video without the lettering? Let me see what’s in there,” asks one viewer.

Other TikTok psychics have their own take on the object. “It has been around seances,” claims a comment. “It is definitely a portal. I see a darker entity who pulls energy, causes headaches and emotions to change.”

Yowza. No wonder they wanted this thing out of their house.

Others go so far as to take issue with its “tombstone” shape, and even to claim that they see the faces of demons (specific ones) in the reflection, or that it is a portal and was used for negative magic for years.

That’s a lot to get out of a video of a mirror. But hey, who can contradict the words of a TikTok psychic who has been told the mirror holds a demonic force?