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Camera Captures What Appears to Be a Demon Hiding In the Bushes

You can see horns and all.
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The viral video gig on social media seems to be a relatively easy one. Find a slightly suspect video, overlay it with a creepy filter or two, maybe play it in slow motion, and don’t forge to add in some scary music. Voila! You have nightmare fodder. Or “fuel” as the case may be, particularly because it matches the screen name of the creator of this viral video, a clip that purports to show a “demon” lurking in the bushes of a pasture.

Why would the demon be lurking in a pasture? Why is this person filming it instead of trying to see what it is? Why for the clicks, of course.

I’m a city person myself, but even I can see at a glance that this “demon” with its horns is nothing of the sort. It’s a goat. It has the face of a goat, the horns of a goat, and the body of a goat, though most of it is concealed behind the bushes. It also makes sense that, out in the country, there are goats.

Due to the distance of the person filming, when the goat turns its head toward the camera, its long snout is concealed by the angle, and appears flat, featureless, and a bit humanoid, and the way it is moving is bit odd, but that could also be due to deceptive editing, playing and replaying on the parts of the clip where it’s movements are the least goat like, and ignoring the parts where it does in fact move just like a goat out for a simple graze.

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