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Two-Headed Deer or Appalachian Not-Deer?

The second head just vanishes.

Every now and again nature throws an anomaly out into the wild, known as polycephaly or the condition of having more than one head. These animals are often found in circus sideshows but rarely survive in nature without human intervention for their unique medical needs. Occasionally, this fascinatingly bizarre phenomenon can be found in deer and that is what this woman thought she was seeing when she pulled out her phone to record. Clear as day there is a deer with two heads nibbling at the grass around a large tree trunk. As it eats it shifts position and as it walks away the second head and neck that were clearly visible are gone and it appears to be a totally normal deer.  

Residents of Appalachia will nod knowingly and tell you confidently that is a not-deer. The urban legend says that anywhere you can find deer you will also find the not-deer, terrifying creatures that are almost but not quite like deer. They’re often described as being deer that are just a little bit wrong, sometimes seeming to grow less like deer the longer they are watched. Along with reports of too many or too few body parts there is often a general sense of fear reported from those who stumble upon the Appalachian cryptid. Not just any fear but a deep dread that seems wildly disproportionate to the actual events occurring. 

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