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Hunters Were Looking for Deer but Seemingly Caught a Skinwalker on Camera Instead

Uh, time to go!

Two men were out cruising at night with a spotlight in search of deer but got spooked by something otherworldly instead. The passenger with the light tells the driver to hold on, thinking he may have spotted a buck. The driver slows down and the passenger tells him to stop real quick, thinking he spots antlers just poking out at the end range of the beam of light. All of a sudden a distorted humanoid figure leaps up and waves its elongated arms menacingly.  

The hunters believe it was a skinwalker of Navajo legend, but some may believe it more resembles a rake from the urban legends of Creepypasta. Rakes are described as human-like but often with distorted limbs that are too thin and too long, as well as glowing eyes and an inhuman mouth that seems wrong somehow.  

These Creepypasta urban legends are sometimes known to have fictional internet origins but despite that result in real life sightings of these supposedly invented creatures. Some speculate this is from oral folktales of rural areas, such as Appalachia, gaining internet access and transcribing the stories that had been passed down through the generations. Leaving many to wonder, could there still be unexplained mysteries lurking deep in the heart of America? 

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