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Woman Asks for Sign From Deceased Daughter and Gets an Answer Almost Immediately

She felt her presence so she asked.

Sometimes those dealing with grief can experience the overwhelming sensation their loved one is still somehow present from beyond the grave and this woman knew just what to do when the sensation came over her. She asked the spirit of her daughter for a sign that would let her know it was really her and she believes she got it. Throughout the video tiny white orbs seem to zip past almost too fast to see, but then at the end a particularly bright orb moves slowly enough to be seen a bit more clearly and seems to dance directly over to the grieving mother.  

Many skeptics claim these briefly appearing white specks to be merely dust particles catching the retro-reflection of light or small insects made larger and blurry by their proximity to the camera lens, but of course those answers feel inadequate to those who believe in supernatural forces beyond our current scientific understandings.

The casual suggestion that one might not notice bugs flying around seems incomprehensible to anybody who has ever stalked the house with a fly-swatter in each hand, hunting for the errant fruit-fly that insists the best place to be in the entire house is flying directly around one’s head. 

It seems likely the debate over the existence of orbs will continue as many dust particles will continue to be invisible to the naked eye - which seems to be the hardest part of a scientific answer for many to accept.

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