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TikToker Debunks Recent Viral UFO Videos

It's not always what you think.
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Well, this is a new one. Usually TikTok is a wretched hive of misinformation and ignorance, a place where any context, nuance, or technical know-how goes to die. But in this case, there is actually someone out there willing to debunk the rash of viral UFO videos going around.

Let’s check out what people are looking at, and why it’s not always aliens—or whatever else they think it might be.

In the first video, a helicopter seems to be chasing a mysterious flying orb. Is it a government craft in hot pursuit of a UFO? Not really. In fact, it’s just a helicopter suspending a round water tank and being filmed from an odd angle. In fact, the streams of “smoke” emanating from what people thought was an alien ship was actually nothing more than the spray of water from the tank.

In the next clip, another orb passes right over the head of the person taking the clip, pursued by two figure jets. Or did it? Because given the rate of flight of these three supposed craft, all three should be visible when the camera pans into the wide shot. However, the UFO has already disappeared. The debunker claims this is likely just CGI, and we’re inclined to agree.

In the third clip, a balloon caught in a jet stream baffles the person taking the video, but the debunker explains that it’s the zoom making it look like it’s moving so fast.

But the final clip stumps him. In this one, a man is videoing a black ball that seems to hover in the clear evening air. Unlike the others, it is not obviously a balloon, and he can see no strings. Though the lighting is dim in this one, and maybe there is a tie line that is invisible against the clear sunset sky. Or maybe it’s CGI.

What do you think?

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