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ICU Nurse Shares Mind-blowing Story Of Near Death Experiences

She’s seen enough to know.

This ICU nurse is on a spiritual journey inspired by her time spent with those who were about to pass from this world themselves. “Death is nothing but a portal to the next event,” reads the caption under her latest video, in which she discusses how she knows that one of her patients is ready to move on.

“It is a commonly known, openly discussed fact among all health care workers,” she claims. She says that as an ICU nurse, she’s seen death come quickly or slowly, but that she always sees them talking to people in the room that no one else can see.


The nurse says after witnessing these types of things in the hospital, she started reading up on spirituality and death, trying to understand what it is that her patients were experiencing when nearing the end. And she was not the least surprised to find that her observations were commonly held by many others. That the idea of spirit guides sent to help the person move along to the next world was indeed something that had been written about extensively.

“You may have visitors when it’s your time to go,” says death educator and counselor Martha Jo Atkins. “As people come very close to death, they often speak less and start reaching, as if to something or someone. One hand goes up, and then it moves in a symphony of motion. A change often sweeps across the person’s face — sometimes the person’s upper body brightens.”

Perhaps there is something to the idea of the Angel of Death.