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Woman Swears She Learned She Was Pregnant After a Traumatic Event Spurred a “Visit” From Dead Mother

That’s a lot of “coincidences”.

Near death experiences are often said to result in visions of an afterlife or deceased loved ones no longer bound to the mortal realm. This woman survived a brain hemorrhage and saw a vision of her passed away mother who brought her a very clear message from beyond the veil. She told her daughter that she would soon have her own daughter, a spirit who chose her as mother and would soon come to be born.  

The woman survived the usually fatal hemorrhage and did, indeed, become pregnant. She found out she was expecting on the anniversary of the date her mother learned of being pregnant with her, and then she gave birth on Mother’s Day to her very own daughter.

This idea that an immortal soul transcends the human body and returns for many lifetimes is known as reincarnation. It is believed each life allows the soul to learn new karmic lessons that are only remembered in full in between mortal bodies on earth. Many embrace the idea that soulmates create their lifetime plans together before being born and living out their connection, but that is not reserved solely (pun intended) for the traditionally romantic pair-bonding featured in westernized concepts of soulmates. 

The idea of karmic connection to multiple souls in different relational capacities is more representative of a holistic approach to the roots of reincarnation beliefs, as most cultures place a high value non-romantic connections such as familial, platonic friendship, teachers, and mentors. 

The concept of bonded souls and karmic links to others is not an excuse to override freewill, and we are free to choose to keep or remove people from our lives as we see fit, but it’s nice to be reminded that maybe those we love chose us before being born to travel through this lifetime together. 

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