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Nurse Whose Brother Died Claims Resident Patient Has Been Randomly Seeing Him

This is wild.

Losing a loved one can have a profound impact on a person, even years or decades after they are gone. It is comforting in such instances to think that although we cannot see our loved one, they remain with us in some sense. To have a dream about them, or to hear their favorite song on the radio, or receive some other sign that they have not vanished forever.

For this sure, on a special anniversary of her brother’s death, she got a mind-blowing sign that he still watches over her.


In the video, a nurse discusses visiting the room of one of her resident patients on the anniversary of her darling brother’s death, and hearing that person say that David (the name of her brother) is there. Later, she was shocked to hear this patient use a sentence that she once dreamed her brother did when he died. A third time, the patient said “David” was just out in the hall.

It is unclear what the nature of the resident’s illness is, or why they might be experiencing visions from the beyond. But it certainly shocked the nurse.

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In the comments, other caretakers shared similar stories of their patients noting when long-gone family members hovered near like guardian angels. “He either has something important to tell you or he’s just making sure you don’t forget that he’s always there,” says one.

The nurse believes this wholeheartedly. “After he passed,” she says, “there were signs everywhere until I begged him only to do it when it wouldn’t scare me. It worked!”

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