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Dead Best Friend Plays Prank On Woman Who Visited Her Grave Without Flowers

Evidently, her spirit was annoyed.
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I wonder if there are rules governing whether or not you get to be a ghost who haunts a house or one who haunts the grave where you have been buried. Seeing the kinds of things that go on at graveyards makes me wonder if I should be visiting the graves of my dead family members more often.

In this case, a woman who visited her best friend’s grave on the dead teen’s birthday was not quite prepared for the occasion, and the girl’s spirit was none too pleased. 


Ten years ago, this woman lost her best friend when they were only teenagers. The hurt and anger in her voice is still evident, and the fact that she’s visiting on her birthday shows that she still misses her friend. Though she was kind enough to visit, she did not bring her flowers. As she stood at the grave, the sky opened up and it began to pour down on the woman, as well as her freshly-dyed hair. She ran for the car and the second she got there, it stopped raining.

Message received! The woman realized it was a sign to go get some flowers for her friend, and so she did, running to the store for some purple flowers. Purple had been the dead girl’s favorite color.

This time, as she stood over the grave, lamenting the fact that her friend had died at sixteen, missing the best years of their lives, the skies were clear.