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Has the Mysterious D.B. Cooper Mystery Finally Been Solved?

So it wasn't a variant...

For decades, mystery lovers and conspiracy theorists alike have been fascinated by the strange story of “D. B. Cooper,” who hijacked a plane in 1971 by claiming he had a bomb, wrested an enormous ransom from the airlines and parachuted out of the sky and into infamy. He has never been positively identified or discovered, and the mystery of who he was and what he wanted has captured the public imagination for years. Most recently, the Disney television show Loki presented an episode theorizing that the mysterious hijacker was actually the titular hero (an alien god) in a “variant” timeline.

Despite his unknown identity, Cooper’s antics inspired many airline safety precautions we are now familiar with, from screening baggage and passengers for bombs to so-called “Cooper vanes,” which are devices to keep airplane stairs from being lowered mid-flight. And now, some investigators believe they are coming closer to identifying the man behind the legend.

Recently, investigators bent on finally solving this long-held mystery claim that there are clues on a necktie that the hijacker left behind on the plane. According to new research, the necktie contains rare metallic particles that point to the clothing being in the presence of a a few very specific companies who worked with those alloys that were in operation at the time.

If Cooper was employed by one of these factories, it would help narrow down the search for his identity. The researcher claims that his work pointed to a specific researcher who died in 2002, though his surviving son claims that there was no connection.

Many people believe that Cooper did not survive his jump from the plane, as the ransom money was never spent, and there has been no trace of him ever since.

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