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Florida Man Spots "Glowing Orb" UFOs in Sky Over Daytona Beach

Drones, skydivers... or aliens?
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Orb UFOs have long been a an established “type” of encounter. However, in recent years, much like reports of UFOs of every other type, the prevalence of these orb encounters have increased dramatically. Skeptic say that these glowing balls in the sky are not unidentified objects at all and that people simply don’t know that what they are seeing are flares, aircrafts, or even drones, but despite the unreliability of eyewitnesses and the shaky, low-quality of camera phones, people are insistent that there is more than meets the eye to these incidents.

For example, take this man, who filmed what he saw in the sky over Daytona Beach.


In the video a man is filming the sky above a strip mall where three glowing lights seem to float in a rough triangle formation. In the comments, people have a variety of theories. Some are pure nonsense (not everything is Starlink, okay, folks? Starlink satellites look like a straight line of very close together stars), and others have some potential. A couple of people say it’s skydivers holding flares, but the lights do not seem to be falling.

One possibility, that several viewers mention, is drones. However, drones are required to feature red and green lights or a large blinking white strobe light visible up to three miles way to help people identify their presence as well as to indicate which direction the drone is flying. Though, obviously, operators can disable these lights and the fly the drones illegally, it is likely that any drones seen operating in such a populous place would have these safety features activated.

Meanwhile, Daytona Beach is a popular place for spotting UFOs, and that’s not just because so many people misidentify rocket launches