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Mom Sets up Camera to Catch Proof of Unseen Force Harassing Her Daughter

Leave her alone!
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As a parent, all you want to do is protect your child from any harm that might come their way. You worry every time they are out of your sight—what could happen on the walk to school, or at the playground, or even, heaven forfend, in your own home. You “childproof” your house, lest your kid decides it might be fun to play with knives or go digging under the kitchen cabinet.

But what if the problem at home isn’t a physical one at all? And what if you have absolutely no clue how to stop it, or protect your baby from a supernatural entity that has them in its sights?

In this video, a mother has set up a camera to see if she can catch proof of the terrifying, invisible force her daughter says is harassing her. Unfortunately, she hits the jackpot, as the girl, appears to be violently shoved out of nowhere.

The video is brief, but jarring. In the comments, people urge the woman to seek immediate help. “My kids and I would be out of there that night,” cries one parent, appalled by what she has just witnessed.

But the video was not posted by the creator, but rather, by a site that aggregates scary videos. Is it real or just a clip from a horror movie? And if this is happening to this girl, what is the family doing to stop it and make her safe?

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