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Indigenous Woman Tells Story of Little Girl Nearly Stolen by a Sasquatch

Watch out for Bigfoot.
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Bigfoot stories are fun and all, but it’s important to remember that this mystical cryptid actually has a basis in indigenous tradition. Many native cultures in North America believe that this creature is very real, and sometimes possessing of a magical nature. It goes by many names, but the best well-known is probably Sasquatch. Native American spirits and stories are fascinating, and occasionally absolutely terrifying, as described in this video.

For this indigenous woman, Sasquatch is not a myth or a legend, but an actual creature that one needs to watch out for.

In the story, the woman shares the cultural traditions of “tying their children to trees” while working on the land. In this description, it seems like a tether attached to a tree trunk, similar to putting a kid in a playpen while you’re trying to get housework done.

But in this story, a parent was working when he suddenly noticed that his daughter’s tether had been taken by something and she was slowly being dragged into the woods. The father was forced to chase this creature as he dragged his daughter quickly through the woods, before he vanished.

As many people believe that Bigfoot has mystical powers to appear and disappear in our reality, catching him before he vanished was paramount.

Luckily, in this circumstance, he was able to get his daughter before the worst came to pass, but it definitely serves as a warning to anyone who is willing to turn their back on their kids in the woods. Bigfoot is known to abduct children and others. Sometimes they come back…and sometimes they don’t.

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