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Mom Captures Moment Daughter Claims to “See Something” In a Graveyard

She sounds genuinely scared.

Many people think that children are far more attuned to spiritual energies than adults. They have not yet learned to filter out things that others cannot always see, and they are more open to the potential for things to exist beyond the physical world. Maybe every child is born with a sixth sense.

For this mom, her child has told her before that she sees things that do not appear to be there, but this is the first time she’s ever acted so scared in a graveyard.


In this video, a woman and her daughter are visiting a graveyard when the girl suddenly becomes very worried about something she sees in the trees. Her mother calmly asks her questions about it. The girl, visibly shaken, says they have brown hair and they are looking away from them.

“I don’t want to be here anymore,” the girl says, her voice trembling.

She tried to run away but her mother stops her, encouraging her to come back and describe what it thatch is witnessing. But the girl says that whatever it is she saw, it isn’t there anymore.

Did the figure really disappear, or is she learning to filter out her extra-sensory perception?

In the comments, people are telling the mother to help and support her daughter through this trial. According to them, she is not imagining things. She is clairvoyant, and needs help to understand what is happening to her. Some suggest buying her a tourmaline necklace to help protect her from negative energies, and other suggest not forcing her to go to places that make her afraid.