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Little Girl Warns Her Mother Not To Drive: "You Die In An Accident!"

She sounds so scared!

Parenting advice has come quite a long way from the days where what an adult said and decided was sacrosanct, no matter what effect it might have on a child. Good parents today try to listen to their kids and meet them where they are. Sometimes they are being unreasonable—no, it will not kill you to clean up your room—but other times, treating your child like the little human being they are and trying to figure out why they hold their opinions and convictions is often the best path toward reaching an understanding.

For this family, the baby’s firm belief that her mother should not drive the car is disturbing to watch, but she’s getting so upset that it might be time to listen.


In this video, a crying toddler, already buckled into her car seat, is having an absolute panic attack at the thought of her mother behind the wheel. She begs her mother not to drive, leaning over as far as she can and actually putting her hands on the seat, as if trying to block her from sitting there.

“You die!” she wails desperately.

“I wouldn't drive if my daughter said that to me,” one viewer admits. “Exactly,” says another. “Kids see things we don’t see, It’s not a sign to ignore.”

Others wonder if perhaps the child had a disturbing dream that was causing this outburst. But whatever the origin, it behooves this family to take a moment and listen the little girl. Her fear and feelings are very real, and whether she received a disturbing, psychic premonition or was having some other source of her fright, unless there was an emergency and they needed to drive right away, calming her down is step one.