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New Hampshire Man Captures Strange Noises From a Dark Pit In the Middle Of the Forest

I wouldn't go down that ladder.

“The middle of the woods” is an interesting and somewhat undefined term. Often, what seems like wilderness while you are hiking through a wooded trail is rather recently reclaimed by nature. It is rare, even in rural places, for there to be large sections of old-growth forest in the northeast United States. Often, when people discuss being in “the middle of the forest” all they mean is that they are not actively in a housing development or on a paved road. It does not mean that the land they are walking on was never part of a farm, settlement, or simple clear-cutting. So it’s not unusual to come across old wells, cisterns, parts of ruined buildings, or other signs of human habitation.

That does not mean that you climb down into these things, though. Especially when they are making noises like this. 


In the video, a hiker in New Hampshire comes upon what appears to be an old well in the forest. But the interesting part is that a series of unearthly growls are emanating from the pit.

Is it a bear cub who has fallen inside? Some other animal? Has this TikToker been playing around with the seamlessly integrated sound effects that the app is so famous for?

My money’s on the ladder, especially since he posted another video in which he crawls down into this well to check it out. The space below is empty, except for some spider eggs and what appears to be an alternative exit for whatever was allegedly making that spine-tingling sound.