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Woman Shares Eerie Story About "Dark Entity" Attached To Her Coworker

This sounds like some coworkers we've had...

We’ve all had that coworker that just rubs us the wrong way. Maybe they’re too nosy, or too familiar, or too much of a suck-up. And sometimes there is no particular reason that we can point to. Our intuition tells us that this person is bad news, period.

Perhaps there’s a spiritual reason for that. This woman has been able to sense people’s vibes as a physical manifestation ever since she was a young child, and even claims hat some people are surrounded by “dark entities” of unknown nature and great maleficence. This is what she claims hovered over one of her former coworkers, and she said it caused a lot of trouble.

In the video, the woman shares a story about a ‘dark entity” she claims always stuck close to a former coworker and neighbor. She claims that everyone else at her former workplace adored this man, but she was always wary about him, because she could sense the presence of some kind of evil spirit that had control of his actions.

She says she even “fought” this demon in her dreams, once, and afterwards, her coworker began to sabotage her at work and try to get her fired. She triumphed, eventually, which she credits to continually praying and asking for protection from God.

As this mystery has been part of her perception her entire life, she doesn’t worry about whether or not she can understand it. She just knows to trust it, and to stay strong in her spiritual convictions.

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