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Woman Says Dad Dreamed Her Husband into Life… Literally

Dad has some seriously impressive premonition skills.

The thought of one’s soulmate being somewhere out there in the world, waiting, is a magical one indeed. And for this woman, who endured a heartbreaking divorce as well as a toxic, abusive relationship, it was an especially hopeful dream. But the dream didn’t come to the woman at all. Instead, it came to her father. 


In this video, TikToker Brooke Ziegler shares a sweet story about her father’s confession that, long before Ziegler met her husband, he dreamed about the man. In fact, she was in another relationship entirely, and her father knew the man wasn’t right for her because, as he told her, he had already dreamed about the man she was going to marry.

Ziegler forgot that conversation, of course, and life went on, with all its attendant heartbreak and lessons. Later, when she was ready to start dating again, and was making a profile on a dating site, her father asked her to add one stipulation: that the man could captain a boat. She laughed him off, but when’s he came across a profile of a man she thought was “hot” and he happened to be a boat captain, she decided to take a chance.

The rest is history. By the third date, she knew her now-husband was “The One” and took him home to meet her folks. Her dad met him and gave him a huge, then, with tears n his eyes, told his wife that this man was the person who had been in his dreams.

Six weeks later, the couple was engaged. Here’s to many happy years on your boat, you two!

(BRB, sending this article to my dad.)