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Apparently, Removing Curses Can Be as Easy as Ringing a Bell

There's a long tradition here.

Bells have great spiritual significance in many different cultural and religious traditions. Whether they are used for meditation or calling parishioners to prayer, the meaning of bells can differ depending on the tradition. Magic practitioners believe that the sound of bells can banish evil spirits or clear the negative energy from a room. (Christians borrowed this belief and it is said that demons or other hellish monsters like vampires, etc. cannot abide the sounds of church bells.)

According to this coven leader, even curses can be broken by the sound of a bell. And this is how you do it.

If you feel yourself touched by the weight of a curse, or just need to rid your space of some bad juju, this is how you do it. Take a bell, then stand with your feet hips width apart. Hold the bell in your dominant hand, and put your hands together at you stomach. Lift your hands above your head. Then bring it down sharply three times so that it chimes. With each swing, imagine the negative energy dissipating and vanishing into the ether.

If you’re wondering how to choose a bell for this ritual, the most important thing to note for use is the bell’s sound. It has to be something that—pun intended—resonates for you. For this reason, we recommend not buying one online, and if you must, pay attention to the weight listed, as that might give an indication as to the quality of sound the instrument might make.

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