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Woman Finds Cursed Statue While Hiking In National Park

Don't touch it!

One of the “rules” that everyone who watches horror movies (or even just spooky videos on TikTok) know is that you do not touch cursed objects. You do not buy the monkey’s paw or pick up the possessed doll at the flea market. You do not take the haunted clock out of the attic and you never bring the bones left on your doorstep inside. Do not touch cursed items. This is a day one kind of lesson.

But what if you really, really want to?


This woman was hiking in a national park when she came across an unexpected figuring just sitting in a stream. It’s a simple clay statue of a sorcerer, painted red and black, and with the word “cursed” written in giant sharpie along the bottom.

To me, it looks like part of a scavenger hunt or LARP-type game—or possibly an homage to some film or television series. But I admit I’m not well-versed in the ins and outs of cursing things, or the kind of thing that tends to get cursed.

Still, I would leave that thing alone. It can’t be any more clear.

The woman moved the statue to a nearby log, then went back a day later to check if it was still there. It was, but it had been buried under a pile of leaves. Was it the wind or something else that managed this feat?

“The person who placed it keeps checking on it and now thinks it keeps moving on its own,” suggested one viewer in the comments.

But everyone who saw this video agreed: stop touching that thing, or else!

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