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Young Person Takes "Curse Cleansing" Bath With Shocking Results

"I think it worked?"

Many cultural traditions believe bathing is a huge part of spiritual practice. In Judaism, the practice of the mikveh, or ritual baths, is a time-honored tradition, and other religions across the world have used bathing, either in special tubs or in natural water formations, as long as human history has existed. Ritual cleansing is part of many indigenous traditions, and it’s easy to find the ingredients and ceremonies for ritual baths from pagan or New Age traditions online.

For this TikToker (who uses they/he pronouns) a recent ritual bath to remove a “curse” worked much better than expected… maybe a little too well.


“I just took a curse cleansing bath,” reads the caption on this TikTok video, “and as I was laying there I started sobbing which turned into uncontrollable coughing and then I threw up and immediately stopped crying???”

“I think it worked?” they continued.

I would say so!

In the comments, people are wild to know what exactly kind of curse-cleansing bath this person took and how they can get their hands on their own.

“When it works in real time!” marvels one person, amazed at how quickly that curse took a hike.

“Throwing up while cleansing is … so intense. That means you did it right for sure!” claims another.

“In Native American tradition,” one person points out. “doing a ritual like this and physically letting something out, you did a good job a letting it go.” This comment specifically resonated with the video creator, as though they have Native heritage, they were never given the opportunity to learn about their culture.

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