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Here’s How To Keep Bad Energy Out of Your House

They make a huge difference.
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These days, we’ve all been working hard to keep certain negative influences out of our home. Whether that’s fake news, violent media, or yet another iteration of the pestilence, we’ve all gone to great lengths to protect our space. Some have even turned to more metaphysical sources than air purifiers or just unplugging cable news: crystals. Fans of these semi-precious and even common stones say they have enhanced spiritual properties that can help bring you insight, health, protection, and even spiritual cleansing if used properly. 


In the video, a crystal enthusiast claims that the local spiritual shop and their “great vibes” convinced her to try their trick for keeping bad energy and unwanted guest outside of their space. Four pieces of black tourmaline, one in every corner of your house, and a fifth one placed above your door. Seems pretty simple!

Black tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is a relatively common semi-precious stone with a brilliant black and silver sheen. It is a popular stone for jewelry and also due to its supposed protective properties.

In the comments section, viewers agree with this video and with the shop owners.

“Bury them outside in the four corners too, for extra oomph,” one advises.

Another viewer wants to know if your house has two floors, do you need to place them in the corners of the upper floors, too, but apparently not (unless you think your bad vibes are coming from above).

And a few viewers advise that selenite, another mineral, can apparently accomplish the same goal.