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Dog Obsessed With Crystal Shop Refuses to Leave Storefront While on a Walk

His owner is baffled.

Does this doggy want a crystal of his very own or is there something else going on here? The strangest thing happens every time this woman walks her dog past this particular crystal shop. He insists on stopping and clearly wants to go in the store! He pulls the owner up to the glass door with him and then stares longingly inside with soulful looks over his shoulder now again as if to say “Please can we go inside, mommy? Pretty please!” The dog mom tries to explain it to him.


She patiently explains to her dog that the shop is closed, and even if it weren’t she clearly cannot take him into a place full of highly breakable crystals and glass. The pup is undeterred and steadfastly stays put at the door, taking a sniff around the entrance. She tries to pull him away but to no avail, he just gives her literal puppy dog eyes. It does not take a psychic to hear what this dog is thinking! After the woman finally gets her dog to leave, she shows a view from a couple blocks away where her pup is still resisting the return walk and begging to go back to the crystal shop.

Dogs have a long history of superstitions surrounding them such as being able to see ghosts or predict death. Most of these superstitions are based around fear and do not explain this doggo and his pure excitement and joy at the possibility of being surrounded by rocks and crystals. 

The dog mom has contacted the store to tell them about her pupper’s obsession and found out they are in the process of moving but would like to help. I think we are all hoping for a happy update soon!

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