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A Danger to Keep in Mind When You Buy a Crystal Ball

It's not what you think.
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Crystal balls, like cauldrons, are more than jokey props that have become a cliche in Hollywood movies about witches and fortune tellers. They are actually an important part of many people’s spiritual practice, and like every other item with great spiritual significance, crystal ball owners take good care of these spheres and have entire rituals built around cleaning (and cleansing) them. If you do invest in a crystal ball, there are many guides you can follow online on how to purchase a good one.

There’s also an old joke that every crystal ball owner has heard and loves to inform people. It’s been turned into a meme on the internet and, in this video, is shared with the crystal ball newbies on TikTok.

This is how the joke goes. A person goes into a spiritual or crystal shop to purchase a crystal ball. After the clerk sells it to them, they tell the person that it is a matter of grave importance that they also get a cloth for the ball, and keep it covered whenever they are not actively using it. They must never leave it uncovered.

The person thinks the clerk is joking, and making some kind of reference to magical spies, evil demonic energies, or a Saruman-like situation.

No, the clerk responds. It’s because if the sun hits it the wrong way, you could start a fire.

This, in fact, is true. The globe of a perfect glass or crystal sphere could indeed act as a lens and if the sun hits it the right way, might begin a fire. So do keep your crystal balls covered.

Also, you don’t want Sauron watching you.

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