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Australian Man Convinced He Found a Cryptid's Feces

We'll, uh, take your word for it…

One of the most popular cryptid types is that of the “hairy ape man”. These bipedal, often enormous hairy monsters exist in stories from many locales and cultures. In the Americas, the creature is often called a Bigfoot or a Sasquatch. In Australia, the legendary beast is known as a Yowie.

The term Yowie has a controversial origin. Most people think it derives from a variety of Aboriginal stories about the creature (similar to the Native American Sasquatch). Others think it’s a play on words that the English colonizers brought to the continent. Some call it a “Yahoo” instead. But Yowie is by far the most popular term.

This Australian man was out in the bush on a trip and went to answer the call of nature in a secluded spot when he discovered that someone (or something) else had been there before him and had also relieved himself. 


In the story, he describes his shock at seeing how massive the pile of feces left behind were. They were, he describes, about as long as his leg. He has no idea what could have possibly created such a massive piece of waste, and because he accidentally stuck his hand in it (ew!) he knows it was warm to the touch, indicating that it was left by a warm-blooded creature, rather than a snake. (Large snakes, like the kind found in Australia, can dispel enormous amounts of feces all at once.) However, isn’t it possible that the feces just…. warmed in the sun?

In the comments, some regular recall that the American version of this creature, the Sasquatch has occasionally been reported as having produced massive bowel movements as well.

I don’t know. I think I’d rather see a cryptic than its poop.