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Woman Recalls Terrifying Night Someone, or Something, Screamed and Shook Her House

She called the cops but there were no signs of foul play.

The longest night of the year is said to be a time of strange and inexplicable happenings, and this couple witnessed one themselves after returning home late from a solstice party. She went to bed right away but put some headphones in to watch videos before drifting off to sleep. Then she gets a phone call from her husband in the other room. She gets a weird feeling in the pit of her stomach as she answers and he whispers “Do you hear that?” 

She immediately told her husband not to joke around, but he was serious. Then all of her children came piling into the couple’s room, terrified because they heard something screaming outside. That wasn’t the end of it though, because the screaming then turned into pounding on the side of their house. Her husband had been wearing noise canceling headphones and couldn’t hear anything, but took them off when he could feel the house shaking.

She called the police who said they would send someone to take a look but that they should lock their doors and windows and definitely not go outside. She was confused as to why they would even need to tell her this but then she discovers her husband is about to do that very thing - go investigate it. She tells him he can’t do that, at the very least because she doesn’t want the police to think he is the source of the problem.

The couple saw the police look through the woods around their house but they never received an update. They found it a little concerning that police never checked their yard or the area directly where the noise was coming from but no further incidents occurred that evening or the next morning.

What was the cause of the terrifying commotion outside? Police were presumably searching for a human subject but the woman believes the supernatural may have been at work. She suspects there is a skinwalker of Native American legend lurking in the forest around her home. It seems a person in need of help would use words to communicate that instead of just nondescript yelling and banging. 

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