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If Bigfoot is Responsible for Missing People in National Parks, This Guy Thinks He Knows Why

Could be!
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The phenomenon of people disappearing in national parks is a popular discussion topic among both conspiracy theorists and Bigfoot trackers. It was explored at length by journalist Jon Billman in his recent book The Cold Vanish. According to Billman, “At least 1,600 people, and perhaps many times that number, remain missing on public lands under circumstances that defy easy explanation.” In his book, he interviews several people who traffic in the cryptid theory of human disappearances, and their fascinating evidence for why these disappearances cannot just be chalked up to lost hikers, kidnappings, or natural disasters.

These ideas have spread across the internet like wildfire, and in some corners it’s now an accepted fact hat when people go missing in wild lands, Bigfoot is to blame. But if this is true, what is the cryptid doing with the missing people, and why isn’t the government doing anything about it?

In this video, a man expounds upon this theory. He wonders if “cryptids, skin walkers, wendigos…” (and, though unsaid, certain Sasquatch as well) are really the ones responsible for these disappearances. In this case, the reason these government lands remain undeveloped would be because they are reservations for these type of “fairy tale” or legendary creatures, who are eating the missing people who get lost in the wild.

Sixteen hundred people isn’t a lot to sustain a population of cryptids, though, so surely their diets aren’t entirely human-based.

I’m not sure I buy this theory, but I’m interested in the cryptid encounters he said he had in Colorado that made him convinced this was the explanation.

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