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Woman Speaks About Her Cryptid Encounter in Appalachia and It Sounds Terrifying

Weird secrets of Pressmen's Home, Tennessee.

There’s a small abandoned town in the county where this woman lives and she swears she saw a terrifying creature there unlike anything she’s ever known. Pressmen’s Home was a strange little town that popped up around a union representing printing workers in the United States and Canada. When the labor union moved its headquarters in the late 60s the town largely became abandoned - leading to strange stories and sightings around the many abandoned buildings.  

The woman explains a common thing for teenagers to do in rural Tennessee is drive up there in the middle of the night to look for spooks. She was doing just that one night when something ran out right in front of her car. It stopped and looked directly at her but she could not figure out what kind of animal it was. At first she thought it might have been a rabid dog or coyote with mange but it quickly became apparent it was much, much stranger. It ran on its fists like a monkey but on all fours using its knuckles. Its face had a snout which is what made her think something canine at first, but it had a naked pink tail like a possum.

She had no idea what this thing could be so she started asking around town and found out that the same creature had been seen at Stone Mountain - which connects to Pressmen’s Home!

Some believe this woman may have spotted a wampus beast, a cryptid localized to Tennessee and the surrounding area. This strange creature is often said to more resemble a cat than a canine, but others say they have spotted the creature there too and the witness descriptions are not always consistent between sightings.  

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