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Cruise Ship Captain Describes her UFO Encounter

She saw what now?

One of the best arguments for the existence of UFOs is that many of the people who report having seen them are very reasonable, rational, trustworthy people. Military pilots or cruise ship captains, the kind of people who are very down to earth and matter of fact. They aren’t claiming they know what they saw, or that it’s definitely aliens. They are just telling you what they saw, and how they absolutely have no idea what it was.

Take this cruise ship captain, who has documented several UFO encounters as she sails the high seas. 


In the video, cruise ship captain Kate McCue shares a story of one of the many unidentified flying objects she’s managed to record at work. She describes going out onto the deck at sunset to take pictures when she saw a large, “black jellyfish” looking thing moving through the air, three times as fast as the wind, down the center line of the ship, between the stacks, and off the stern. There, it descended into the water. It did not behave like a balloon as it moved faster than the air around it, and moved in strange directions.

Captain McCue is remarkably calm though this entire story. She offers no explanation for what she saw, because the answer is, she doesn’t know. The object did not pose a danger to her ship and disappeared before her team could investigate it.

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Videos of McCue’s other UFO sightings are readily available on her TikTok and Instagram pages. 

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