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Video Taken From Cruise Ship Appears to Show Giant Sea Monster

Godzilla? That you?

The horrors that may lurk in the depths of the ocean have long been a subject of fascination and terror for us land-dwellers. Stories of sea serpents and sirens abound, and it’s easy to believe in sea monsters. In fact, when I was a child, giant sea squids were considered mythical—and now, we know they are far more than simply a scary scene in a Jules Verne novel.

When I first saw this video of cruise ship passengers marveling at an enormous, spiky object churning in the waves off the side of their ship, I thought it was a clip from a new Godzilla movie, or maybe another entry into the Pacific Rim franchise (hey, a girl can dream.) It looks disconcertingly like the dark, scaly back of some gigantic beast. But actually, it was terrifyingly real.

It just wasn’t a sea monster.

The video was taken by passengers on a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship near Alaska, after the boat struck an actual iceberg while on a cruise.

Though in the popular imagination, icebergs are polar white, in reality they can be any color, and can take on this dark, gray appearance due to rocks, grime and earth trapped in the ice.

The cruise ship collided with the iceberg near Hubbard Glacier in Alaska in June of 2022. Though passengers described the situation as “Titanic 2.0,” no injuries were reported and the ship—still operational—was forced to return to port for repairs.

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