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Friendly Crowd Waves and Welcomes UFO Flying Above Them

That's a lot of witnesses!

It starts as a large greenish yellow light darting smoothly around the sky, but then two more identical lights gradually brighten to form a triangle of lights hovering above two men. The same trio of hovering lights is then seen over a large group of people, all with phones out to record this mysterious craft floating effortlessly through the night sky. This crowd is enthusiastic and welcoming, waving the bright side of their phone screens up in the air and shouting things like “hello” and “welcome to Earth”.  

The two men who first spotted the Unidentified Flying Object pointed out how it looked like one of the “tic-tac” videos recently disclosed by the United States government.  

The “tic-tac” Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, as the government likes to call them, refers to the shape of the craft but several of the declassified videos show triangular crafts soaring through the air, as well.

The obvious answer to what could these lights be is a remote operated drone, however it appears to be flying low enough to the ground that people would have easily identified it as such, were that the case. There are a plethora of lighting attachments and customizations available to drone owners, but most crowds tend to point at those and say “cool, a drone” rather than scream “oh my god what is that”. 

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