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Cross Flys Off the Wall After Man Hears Mysterious Knocking Sound

Call a priest, buddy.

The door is chained shut but a loud knocking comes from this apartment entrance anyway. A wooden cross hanging on the wall goes flying forward, tumbling over the tv and lands several feet away from where it hung. The man rushes to open the door to the closet directly behind the wall the cross had been on moments before. Nobody is there. The man laughs and walks back to pick up the cross which has a tiny crucified Christ figure on it. 

Stories of haunted apartments have increased in recent years, with more tenants able to connect the dots through social media even after they have fled the premises. One such tenant was able to connect with the property owner while moving out of her building just to learn that many had complained prior to her own tenancy and that the building was reported to be a brothel run by the mob, still haunted by the women who received violence there. 

Some renters find they are unexpectedly sharing their space with less than friendly spirits, often suffering the consequences of terminating the lease early in favor of moving anywhere else that doesn’t come with in-house ghosts. Sometimes even supremely low rent was not enough to convince these terrified tenants to stay, such as in the hills of New Jersey.  

Considering the current state of the housing market, renters may be more willing to share their space with ghostly roommates or at least hold a seance to demand rent from the couch-surfing spirit crashing their lease.

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