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Woman Actually Captures Mysterious Creature Lurking In Forest

So who is going to go check it out?

What was watching this woman from behind a tree? Was it a man, or something stranger? She was letting her dog out in the early evening when she swore she saw something watching them. She knocks to get her husband’s attention and then something pokes out from behind a tree in the distance. She knocks more urgently and tells her husband there is a man in the woods, and sends him to investigate.  

She begins to follow him before the video cuts off to be resumed in a follow up video. The couple went to exactly where the figure was seen but could find no trace of anyone or anything being there. Is their property haunted? Or perhaps a cryptid has taken up residence in their woods? 

Skeptics say it’s merely a man, as she first asserted in the video but that doesn’t explain where he went when they went to check. Others suggest it was perhaps an owl, which is why it seemed to be white in the middle of the woods. Still others suggest it might be a yeti, or a sasquatch preparing for winter with a white coat

The couple is continuing to search the woods behind the house and update if they find anything unusual. We're all hoping they find something better than a man hiding in their woods, but there are worse ways to spend the fall than walks through the woods with your spouse - even if nothing paranormal happens at all. 

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