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Camera Catches ‘Shadow Man’ Creeping Through House In Eerie Video

We don't think it's a trick of the light.

Most people have had the experience of taking a picture and accidentally capturing far more than they expected to. But for TikToker _samiD_, a video she took in her living room in broad daylight resulted in a ghostly photo bomb. In the following video you can clearly see a strange misty shadow moving across the room.


The best way to catch sight of this humanoid shadow is to keep an eye on the wall to the left of the back door. The shadow appears at around ten seconds into the video, makes its way in front of the dining room table and into the living room on the right. If you watch it a more than once (and, let’s be honest, you’re going to) you can discern a head, arm, and even legs as it travels around the furniture and off the screen. 

This isn’t the first time _samiD_ has chronicled ghosts in her house. In other videos, she claims a poltergeist knocks things off tables, rocks chairs, and even turns on her television. It’s possible she’s finally caught a manifestation on camera. 

Viewers agree that the image is definitely creepy, though some attempt to deny any supernatural cause. One comment, from a user called Sammy, claims the ghost is merely a reflection from the glass front of the china cabinet on the left side of the screen. But that doesn’t explain why the figure is sometimes a light mist, and sometimes a dark shadow. Others warn the woman that it might not be a ghost she caught in her house after all, but instead a creature known as a shadow walker, a being that was never human…and will never leave her home.

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