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Woman Shares the Creepiest Thing Her Kid Ever Said and It’s a Doozy

Time to ditch the dollhouse.

This woman recounts a time when her daughter was a mere three years old and came into her room in the middle of the night to complain about the other little girl in her room - a shock when nobody else should be there! Her daughter asked her to get the little girl out of her room because she was jumping on the bed and wanted to play and wouldn’t get out of the room while she was trying to sleep. The mother was too tired to make sense of this incongruent information and just told her daughter to climb in next to her. The next day it got even weirder. 

The mother didn’t think anything of her daughter’s middle of the night ramblings until her daughter started complaining about her dad rearranging her dollhouse at night. This seemed like an unlikely thing for her husband to be doing so she dismissed it. Her daughter continued this complaint nearly every morning, that her toys were moved during the night. She continued to think nothing of these claims, assuming they were the fanciful stories of tiny children. Then her oldest daughter changed her mind.

The eldest came downstairs and saw her sister in the kitchen, then she walked past so she went to follow her sister into her room to check on her and found her in her bed sleeping. She thought maybe her little sister was playing a joke so she went to wake her up and found she really had been completely asleep. The eldest became convinced she had seen a ghost. When the mother asked her youngest what the little girl she was seeing looked like she said “she looks like me”.

The mother was completely alarmed by now and realized she had gotten her daughter’s dollhouse from some curbside trash. She believed she brought a spirit into her home and so she did the only logical thing she could think of - burning the dollhouse in their fire pit. A few months later their own home burned down and her daughter believes it was the ghost of the little girl exacting revenge for destroying her dollhouse. 

Burning the haunted dollhouse seems a bit excessive when it might have sold for a pretty penny to those looking to prove the existence of lingering spirits from beyond the grave. One such haunted painting sold on eBay for over $1000 despite the listing containing a clear warning that it was haunted. 

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