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Security Camera Captures Something Weird Following These Girls Home

Some think it’s a bear, others say it is something more sinister than that.

We all know that late night run for snacks but these two young ladies had no idea how close they came to meeting a large unidentified animal while returning from one. The security camera footage shows them walking up the driveway, with one lagging a few paces behind the other. They walk with a casual naïveté, blissfully unaware of the predator lurking around the corner. Moments after the door closes safely behind the ladies, a creature creeps out from just behind the corner where they entered the door. 

A large black shadow seems to ooze around the corner with a large paw solidifying out of the dark as it steps forward to reveal the front half of its body from behind the wall. It definitely moves with a predator-like grace and fluidity meant for stalking prey. It could potentially be a very large canine, a panther, or a bear. The way it pads around the corner carefully to remain undetected has a distinctively feline feel to it, although the overall shape and visible claws against the pavement lean more towards bear.

Anomalous Big Cat sightings have been steadily increasing along with the use of security and trail cameras, with footage revealing lion-like cats in places and countries they should not be. If the creature shown is a large black panther that often leads people to believe the mystery is solved, but not necessarily. All proven cases of “black panthers” are rare melanistic variants of either leopards or jaguars but there are many reports of sightings of these big black cats appearing in places that do not have native populations of them. 

It is not explicitly mentioned where this security camera footage was recorded, but America has zero wild black panthers according to all official statements on the subject - despite much contention from citizens who enjoy country life away from the cities and have seen big cat populations for themselves. Reports of black mountain lions, also called black cougars, have never been authenticated or replicated in bred captivity. Additionally, Eastern cougars were declared extinct in 2011 despite many reports and pictures to the contrary.

Official government reports that directly contradict the existence of mountain lions in places locals know there to be mountain lions tends to diminish faith in reports saying mountain lions have no black variations, and lend more credence to those who swear they saw a black panther where there should not even be a mountain lion. 

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